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Yeah, it’s the coronavirus that caused me to try to write this post in order to share with you what might boost your productivity working from home as a software engineer/developer/programmer.

Over the years, I’ve built software solutions and startups while sitting on a red office chair at home.

And I have also been working full time in the work office except that office hours for me usually start at 10 AM and end at 11 PM at least. Well, coding is life ya all know.

I do both. Working from home, and from the Office, That’s why I think I can give you some advice on how you can go about working from home.

Oh, come on. I know some of you already been working remotely for eternity and the current state of the world fighting against COVID-19 pandemic makes zero ounces of a difference for how productive you are.

For the majority out there, it’s almost a brand new thing to be working from home. It sounds like a lot of “OMG! Who am I going to quickly ask them about a little requirement detail”.

Or “Where do I get the sense of collective achievement”, or “WHERE IS MY CODING SHOVEL?”

I will keep it short to three main categories to care about.

  • Communication
  • Organizing work
  • Physical body activity


If anything can decide how successful working from home can be for you. it will be how you communicate with your team.

Be ready to write a lot of messages asking a question or describing what you’ve done. this will require you to be specific and organize what you have to say so you don’t get the other person on their nerves trying to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

Understand that messages are not always efficient. Sometimes you want to discuss a feature or a major update that will require more of activeness in the conversation, so maybe this can be done in an online meeting.

Tell your team what you’re currently doing. it will help them pick up productivity and feel of collaboration and it will get you committed to what you just said you’re doing.

Organizing work

In the past years, I’ve been trying different ways of committing to what I must do in a given day.

Knowing what you will do on a given day before starting it is not optional. it’s a MUST!

I tried relying on many different apps, depending on the Jira Kanban board, sticky notes, and all the other cool stuff.

What worked for me the most while working from home is that Even my tasks are pinned on some product management board, I had to write them by hand in a paper note. and check them out to keep me on track.

You have to write down your daily tasks in one sentence per task. one sentence describing briefly the goal of a given task.

Physical activity and workout

Keep it a habit that you must move it for at least 5 minutes per hour.

I personally keep a few workout equipments at home so I can grab is every now and then and keep my body active.

Moving your butt does not only boost your productivity. According to a Harvard University Article, it will also keep your immune system in an active state and help you if the coronapocalyse actually happened which I hope it won’t.

Final thoughts

There are other problems such as kids for parent software engineers out there, and other factors that can block you from being productive but I don’t have kids so, sorry can’t relate šŸ˜›

  1. It is an important topic for programmers | developers who think they are less productive on working from home
    good one ramy

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